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Privacy Policy


Ryokan Karaku, Gion Kyoto (hereinafter the “Hotel”) is fully aware of the importance of protecting personal information and believes that it is the responsibility of the Hotel to properly handle and protect personal information. The Hotel will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law, related laws and guidelines, and will endeavor to protect personal information as follows.

1. When acquiring personal information, the Hotel will inform the user (hereinafter the “Customer”) of the purpose of use in advance and acquire personal information in an appropriate and fair manner to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

2. The Hotel will determine the purpose of use of personal information and use it only within the scope of achievement of the purpose of use, except for cases where the consent of the Customer has been obtained in advance or where the case is treated as an exception by law.

3. The Hotel will endeavor to keep the personal data it handles accurate and up-to-date within the scope of the purpose of use, and will take necessary and appropriate measures for the safe management of such data and properly manage such data by having employees and contractors comply with such measures.

4. The Hotel will not provide personal data to any third party without obtaining the prior consent of the Customer, except when treated as an exception by law.

5. The Hotel will promptly respond to any request for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion, etc. of retained personal data by the Hotel in accordance with laws and regulations.

6. The Hotel will promptly and appropriately deal with complaints from the Customer regarding the personal information it handles.

7. We will continuously review and improve the measures we have taken to protect personal information.


Date of last revision: June 1, 2022

Ryokan Karaku, Gion Kyoto


Handling of personal information by the Hotel

Personal information acquired and used by the Hotel will be handled as follows.


1. Personal information to be acquired

The following information is provided by the Customer.

・Name, address, telephone number, gender, date of birth, occupation, place of work, email address, department name, position at place of work, information contained in various identification documents, and other information concerning the profile

・Account information, information on payments or claims, and other information required for transactions

・Images such as facial photographs, information on health insurance cards, IP addresses, account ID (LINE account ID included), location information, nicknames (including LINE registered names), individual identification information, terminal identification information, purchase data, etc.

・Contents and history of inquiries

・Information on application for event participation, results of questionnaire responses, etc.


The Hotel may also collect access information and other usage information. This includes the following information:


・Terminal identification information (such as "Cookie ID”, "IDFA” and "Advertising ID" that are commonly used in the provision of services).

・Terminals, OS, browsers, etc. used by the Customer to browse the Internet or use applications

・Activity history on the Internet or applications

・Other information acquired incidental to the above


2. Purpose of use of personal information

Personal information collected by the Hotel will be used for the following purposes.

If the Customer directly provides such information in writing, we will clearly state the purpose of use each time.

・In response to inquiries and consultations about our hotel business

・To request membership management and administrative fees for maintaining the membership organization operated by the Hotel

・To contact the Customer from our hotel facilities such as hotels, restaurants, golf courses and rental conference rooms, such as to confirm reservations and orders or respond to inquiries

・To provide comfortable and pleasant service when using our hotel facilities

・To inform the Customer of new products, services, events, special offers, etc. of our hotel facilities and Mori Trust Group companies

・For the purpose of distributing activity-targeted advertising using Google, Facebook and other advertising distribution businesses

・To enable the sending of prizes and materials

・For confirming the counterparty when signing a contract for housing operated by the Hotel

・To provide management services for housing operated by the Hotel and ensure the safety of the Customer in case of an emergency

・To inform the Customer of residence properties, management services, etc. of the Hotel and group companies

・To analyze customer trends, surveys, product planning, etc.

・To conduct business such as providing information based on surveys, analyses, user attributes and activity histories

・To conduct questionnaires and individual interviews to further improve the service of the Hotel

・For posting on various media such as the Hotel website (hereinafter the “Website”) and apps operated by the Hotel*

* Unless there is an explanation to the effect that personal information will be disclosed through the Website or application of the Hotel, the information will only be posted after being processed so that that viewers cannot identify a specific individual

・To provide personal information to third parties to the extent necessary for the achievement of the above objectives

・For recruitment screening, interviews and notification of recruitment results

・For other purposes related to the business of the Hotel and group companies

・In the event that it becomes necessary to contact the Customer for any other reason


3. Provision of personal information to a third party

The Hotel will not provide personal information to any third party except as follows:

・With the consent of the Customer

・If the information is jointly used with group companies of the Hotel to realize the purpose of use announced or specified by the Hotel, or if the information is provided to a subcontractor, etc. for the purpose of use

・When providing statistical data processed so individuals cannot be identified

・When the provision of such information is requested under laws and regulations

・When urgently necessary to protect the life, body, property, or other important interests of an individual


4. Joint use with group companies

(1) Group companies that jointly use the Hotel

To achieve the above purpose of use, the Hotel will share personal data with the following group companies.

Mori Trust Group

(2) Personal data that group companies jointly use

1: Data of corporate customers: The name of the representative of a corporation, name of the contact person, name of the person in charge of emergency contact, department name, title, contact telephone number, work address, email address, and any other information obtained by the Hotel.

2: Data of individual customers: The customer’s name, address, date of birth, age, gender, telephone number, email address, and all other items listed in “1. Personal information to be acquired”.

(3) The person responsible for managing jointly used personal data

Mori Trust Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd.


5. External consignment of personal information

Personal information collected by the Hotel or provided by the Hotel itself may be outsourced for management service or billing purposes. The Hotel will properly manage and supervise the outsourced contractors.

6. Disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, deletion, and suspension of provision to third parties of personal information

(1) Customer service desk

For disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, deletion, or suspension of provision of personal information to third parties, please contact the following desk. We will comply with laws and regulations.

・The Hotel front desk

(2) Matters for which a request is received

1: Request for notice of purpose of use of retained personal data of the Hotel

2: Request for disclosure of retained personal data of the Hotel

3: Request for correction, addition, or deletion of any retained personal data of the Hotel

4: Requests for suspension of use or deletion of retained personal data of the Hotel

5: Request for suspension of provision of retained personal data of the Hotel to third parties

(3) Procedures

1: Contact the above customer service desk for inquiries.

2: Depending on the contents of your inquiry, we will send you a form to fill out your request.

3: Please fill out the form and mail it to the above customer service desk together with an identification document.

The identification document is a copy of a certificate [driver's license or health insurance card, etc.] issued by a public organization.

4: In principle, we will respond in writing after confirming the details of your request.

5: If you wish to receive a request from an agent, please send the form by mail with a proxy letter and the above identification document attached. For details, contact the above customer service desk directly.


7. Complaints and consultations on personal information

For complaints and inquiries about personal information, please contact your hotel representative or the customer service desk above.


8. Handling of personal information at links

In order to provide the Customer with more useful information and services, the Website ( may provide links to websites operated by other companies or organizations. However, the Hotel will not be responsible for the collection and handling of personal information on websites to which the Hotel is linked.


Please use it at your own discretion.


9. About using cookies

The Website has a page using Cookies and the following services provided by a third party are used to analyze the accessibility and usage of the Website and to post information including advertisements suitable for the Customer. If you wish, you can deactivate the Cookie function of the browser yourself, but some parts of the Website may not work properly. For details on how to set up the browser, contact the provider of your browser. Please also check the following pages for more information on the use of Cookies in the following services. Information collected by Cookies and the opt-out procedure can be found in the following pages.

Google Analytics


10. Changes in the Privacy Policy

The Hotel will change the contents of this Privacy Policy as necessary. The revised content will apply when the revised content is posted by the Hotel on the Website.


Ryokan Karaku, Gion Kyoto

499 Gion-machi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 605-0074 Japan


For Reservations and Inquiries by Phone

Reception Hours: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (JST)

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